Have you ever wondered about the name iPhone. It’s quite different than other phones, why would the guys at Apple name it so. This name made me curious. Looking around, I found that the word ‘I’ was first placed in front of the Mackintosh. And then on it was called as the iMac. But what does the “i” in the iPhone means. Going with the Apple legacy they have reason for doing something or just removing something. In the earlier days there innovation rate was too high. These days they don’t really innovate that much, just little new things are added up in the new line up. But back in the days when Steve Jobs returned as CEO after more than 10 years. He lead  a lot of innovation in the company he brought the iPod and iPhone. It would be wrong to say that Steve jobs made this innovation, because he was not a technical guy, but was a good leader and knew exactly what people wanted.

What does the “i” in the iphone means.

i in the iphone means

Getting back into the topic why is the name iPhone. Going back in time to the iMac Apple keynote where the iMac was launched. Well is you don’t know what keynote is, for you. Keynote is a event Where company launch their new product or make announcement about the new feature or product.

Apple has its own Keynote called as Apple Keynote. On That event Steve Jobs launched a new computer with changed design, better hardware and new functioning OS. They named it iMac. In the keynote Steve jobs said “iMac comes from the excitement of the internet and simplicity of the mackintosh” Hence the name iMac where the ‘I’ stands for internet.

Since iMac supported the use of internet and allowed user to go explore the internet, it was called iMac. And since then all the devices supported internet so they were called with a letter I in the beginning. And the first iPhone also supported Internet. But later in the event Steve said the I not only stands for internet it also stands for “individual”, ”instruct”, ”inform” and “inspire”. As its aim at targeting the personal computer user it’s for all the individual out there. After Steve returned, the company started to a journey of going to the next big thing. They never looked back.

All apple products were a success and have made their brand luxury product, which everyone wants to own. People today are going after anything that the company makes. In the recent days the iPhone SE was in great rumors and too much hipe. But the company didn’t make anything revolutionary. Yes I know it was just a product for the people who love small phones and the one who don’t want to put a lot of amount to buy a phone. But costs almost $200 more in India and $399 for 16GB compared to US.

That’s it guys, all my thoughts about Apple and ‘I’ . Hope you guys learned something and come back here for more stuff like this.

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