As in the earlier post I mentioned about blogging, 10 reason why you should start blogging . But in this post I would like to talk about the most used CMS (content management system) in the world. The best content management of all time is the WordPress. Why would I support the use of wordpress? Is this probably because i am using one? No I won’t do that.  In this post I would try to give some of the good and noteworthy reason on why you should choose wordpress over any other content management sites. As you see around in the internet there are many other blogging platforms and everybody having their own Pros and Cons. Nearly 20% of the world sites are managed by wordpress. Now that some huge number. But if you are serious about getting into blogging then wordpress is the one which everyone would recommend to you. Some of the prominent bloggers like Syed Balkhi, Hasrsh Agarwal use wordpress as the platform to their blogs.

Now up till now you might not be that convinced to switch to wordpress or to get started with wordpress. So let me give you some of the important reasons why you should start blogging with wordpress.

BLogging with WordPress.

Become a Professional.

Yes! Professional.  Whenever a new visitor comes to your blog he should not think that the blog is not worth giving a try. Each visit is very important to you, since you want traffic to your content and for that you must give respect to the visitors and provide them with decent content. Your visitors can tell by looking at the website layout you’re using a free platform. Whether it’s because of the generic-looking themes, tell-tale widgets in your sidebar, or credit links in the footer, it’s quite obvious when you’re blogging on a free platform. And it gives a very unprofessional first impression. Unfortunately, many of your visitors won’t take you seriously when they see that you’re not willing to invest in your blog and are no were to come back.

With wordpress there are en number of ways in which you can customize you blog and make it more better experience. It gives you a better professional look. You can definitely rely on wordpress for your image in the web world.

Blog control

This is also one of the reasons that you should not use a free blogging platform. Yes control many of these free platform post ads on your site and you don’t make any penny out of it And if you have a close look at the terms and condition of these platform they clearly mentioned that they can terminate your blog any time according to the companies will. Now you don’t want your website to be down due to some reepy reason. And the termination of the website would be done without any warning or notice.

You don’t want your days of hard work to just get vanished from the internet just like that. With self-hosted WordPress, you retain ownership and control of everything posted.

Self-Hosting advantage

third party advertising or monetize in other ways. If you want to monetize your blog by It is always recommended to self-host your website and with WordPress you can easily do that. Self-hosting gives you entire control over your content. Often free blogging platforms don’t allow you to implement selling direct ads or sponsored posts, or create a premium membership sites, you’re probably going to be limited by a blogging platform’s terms of service or technical restrictions. With self-hosted WordPress, you own your site, so you can monetize it in any way you want.

WordPress Community.

This is the biggest advantage of using wordpress. Well I don’t know why I posted this advantage in the end. Well if you have read this lengthy article up till here then you are in advantage. If you get started with creating a blog with wordpress or any other platform you are more likely to run into problems. And by problems I mean really big problems.

But if you are in using wordpress your problem is more likely to be solved since there is the biggest community of wordpress developers and users who always try to solve the problem. Which is not the case with other CMS platform. Some of the Websites like wpbegginers shoutmeloud have tone of content with wordpress which might solve many of your problems but you are still in problem then you can use the wordpress forum and you will get the reply within short time.

Big resource availability

Yes this is another reason why many people prefer WordPress. You have a huge number of developers out there who are creating some of the amazing themes. There are tones of themes to choose from and you are more likely to find a theme of your taste. And the best part many of them are free.

With the development of themes there are many plugins developed which makes it even easier to work with the wordpress. With the help of plugins you can add whatever feature you want for your blog and grow your blog with a better rate.

Many of them fear the task of installing wordpress in the hosting and mainly due to them buying domains and all. But believe me once you get into the task of getting your website up you get going. And anyways google is always there by our side to help us out.

What blogging platform due you use? Do you think any other is better then wordpress? Tell me your thoughts about wordpress in the comments section below.

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