If you have come across this blog post then probably you are thinking of blogging and just you might have the questions like how? Why? But it’s ok, you have taken a step towards something. Many people just think of doing something and let that idea go off. There are many reasons to blog.

Blogging is basically expressing your ideas or thinking about something, but in writing and uploading it online. Here’s a fact, everyday approx 172800 blogs are created. I have done a lot of things like playing football, coding but blogging is growing as a hobby for me now. So I just collected around some of the important 10 reasons why you should start blogging.

Many of the people around you might have asked you to start blogging, for many different reasons may be. If from the given below reasons you acknowledge any one of them then consider to start blogging.

Their are different platform that you can start blogging with, but i personally prefer wordpress.

So here are 10 reasons why you should start blogging.

1. It helps you learn new things.

When you start blogging, you write about the stuff you love. For e.g. If you have a cooking blog you basically upload tips and recipes. But when you do that you might first check other blog and other recipes which might help you do better. It is always good to see other’s view and then create your own view.

2. It can help make you money.

This is the main reason people look while blogging. But let me tell you that “Rome was not built in a day” .you should not take this as a reason but as a plus point of blogging. You should keep the good work going, your patience will may you the price. But definitely it is a plus point and if you have a talent then you should try to make money out of it.

3. It requires no prior knowledge.

Since you might be blogging about your interest or your life, so definitely no prior knowledge and for creating your blog you can simply begin with the basics like Blogger or WordPress. You don’t need any coding skills or any kind of skills just a thrust to do something. By the way you can follow this step by step guide to create your first blog.

4. Its free for most of the part.

For the most of the part it is free. I mean while beginning you can always go for blogger which does not need any hosting, but as you move towards WordPress you need to have a paid hosting, even free hosting is available but it is not reliable. But the free hosting for most of the part is reliable.

5. It can land you speaking engagements.

Yes you can become quite famous. Many people these days are looking forward towards blogging because it not only helps you get traffic to your website but your thoughts are reached to the crowd. And if you have a good engagement with your audience it is more probable that you might get a call for speaking in an event or any seminar to guide the newbie’s.

6. Help you earn more through freelancing.

If you are writing constantly , your writing skills might definitely become quite good and if you look around the freelance website like freelancer or fiver there is always vacancy for writing blog post. Your blog might become as a e.g. to show your client your writing skills. You might also apply to your talent related website to write in there website and you might be paid good amount or at least get backlinks from there blog.

7. Your skills or hobby might fetch you a customer.

So if you have a skill you need that to reach out to people. You can’t just sit and hope for your customers to come to you. You need to go out to reach and the easiest way to showcase your talent is through your blog , your Seo and marketing will do the rest part.

8. It give’s you freedom.

Yes, freedom. There are many people who have left their job and make money through blogging Harsh Agarwal is one of them . He has taken blogging as his fulltime job and make’s around $22000 per month. It gives you freedom from that 9 to 5 work and you can do blogging from anywhere and give more time to you family.

9. It makes you different from others.

Definitely you will be different from others. Not everybody has come up to blogging and showing their creative skills or talent to world, but you are. Not easy, but if have the will to do it you will. There is 2% of the people in the world who create content and rest 98% consume it. So you are on the elite side.

10. It helps you document your life.

If you do a personal blog it will help you to document your life. You can look back one day and see all these memories and share it with your friends and every one. Its like writing diary but you are writing it online.

The blog is the only way where you can leave your footprints and let the world know that you exist. These are just 10 reasons of why you should start blogging, if you search in google you might find many more post which might give you many more reasons.

If you have come upto this point don’t give any excuses to yourself just go for it and do it.

Some of the people are making a lot of money just through blogging.


Hey, I am Chetan Poojari the founder of Geeksla. I work as a Product Manager and also an Online Content Creator. A travel and tech junkie who writes articles to simplify complex things.

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